Towards the light…

7 Miniatures is a legend. A legend that tells the great journey of thousands of birds in search of a guide, the Great Bird, the mythical bird, the most beautiful, the largest, the most majestic, the most colorful. This bird is called Simorgh, in Persian Simorgh means 30 birds.To find the Simorgh, birds undertake a great journey that leads them to cross 7 valleys, in the rain, under the snow, under the storm. The further they go, the more arduous it becomes to cross the valleys. Many die from fatigue, thirst and hunger. They know they can’t go back, they can’t go back to their lives before the travel, what they’ve been through, what they’ve earned, what they’ve lost, is all part of their life experience. But… Those who reach the top of the mountain in search of the Simorgh, realize that it remains only 30 of them. They realize that finally they had embarked on a great inner journey in search of themselves, in search of greatness, beauty, infinity and love in the depths of their souls. They realize that it is themselves, the Simorgh, the 30 birds, united and gathered into one. They realize that they were only looking for their deepest being.

Like Simorgh, and like all of you, we have gone through trials and obstacles lately. This show has been postponed twice, confinement, isolation, working with our collaborators by teleworking and behind closed doors of rehearsal rooms, are among many other difficulties in recent months that have tired and unbalanced us… But we have not given up. This idea didn’t even cross our minds! We persevered, we supported each other firmly to accomplish what was so important to us thanks to the support and precious advice of our team throughout the preparation of this multidisciplinary show. 

Even if we are far from each other and behind our screens, we are still united in spirit, we can gather to share a musical and poetic moment.

To watch the show on Livetoune. And here is the program including some words of the artistic directors.

Hourshid and Mehrshid Afrakhteh

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