7 Miniatures by Tim Brady

Tell us some words about your musical aesthetics.
My aesthetic comes from every piece of music I’ve ever heard: The Beatle, Miles Davis, Luciano Berio, Steve Reich, whatever. I’ve never been able to hear music in strict stylistic terms, I can’t say « I prefer jazz to classical », « I prefer blues to rock » – it really depends on the music and the content, not the style.
Recently, I’ve discovered the term « Metamodern » – it describes a cultural perspective which, I think, explains this view of art, society and time.  Rather than focussing on the linearity of history (Modernism) or on the specific style of each era (Post-modernism), Metamodernism is more about exploring the inherent connectedness of events, viewing time (and art) more as an object that goes in many interconnected directions simultaneously, rather the the traditional « arrow of time ».
I write what I hear, basically.

Which is the work that represents your style of musical composition ?
My recent CD « Music for Large Ensemble » has my electric guitar concerto and my song cycle Symphony #7. A good place to start.

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And some words about your work presented at TwinMuse’s concert ?

I was really excited to write for piano 4-hands.  It is a great medium as it allows the composer to really explore the orchestration of the piano, as you can easily work many registers and ideas at the same time – hey, you have 4 hands!.  This idea is at the heart of the piece « Tilework ».

What about your collaboration with TwinMuse for their 10th anniversairy of piano duet ? 
I love working with people with good, ambitious ideas and the commitment to make them happen. That’s TwinMuse.

What is your favorite instrument ? 
I’ve played guitar for 52 years – I guess that’s my preferred instrument at this point.  But as a composer my three favourite solo instruments are viola, bass clarinet and trumpet.

What did move you emotionnaly, recently (book, exposition, film documentary) ? 
I saw a show on Netflix last year called « La Charité », about a hospital in Berlin during the 2nd World War.  It was a German production – very strong, very complex, very moving and dramatic.  

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