7 Miniatures by Ilyaa Ghafouri

Can you introduce yourself? 
I am a composer, sound designer and director. A graduate of the Montreal Conservatory of Music as well as Concordia University, I now work mainly in cinema and theater. My work revolves a lot around the experimental relationship between sound and image.

Tell us about your involvement in the 7 Miniatures project. 
I’m going to make the cinematographic work that will accompany Tim Brady’s piece, Tilework, a set of 7 Miniatures, performed by TwinMuse, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their duo.

What will your work as a video artist and sound designer consist of?
It’s about creating a video that will accompany piano music. The challenge will be to manage to keep the spectator focused on the music and not to make images to create a moment of pure cinema. The moving image must be treated almost like a scenographic element which will only frame the musical piece, as well as sometimes coloring it. With the pianists, Hourshid and Mehrshid, we discussed the aesthetic direction of the work a few times. So we chose to focus the video on the discipline of dance because of the malleability of this material.

What particularly tempted you about this project?
Brady’s Tilework is first and foremost a musically interesting piece for me, so the chance to put it in pictures deserved to be seized. I am used to working with music that contains a much greater variety of sounds, color and timbre of various instruments whereas for the conception of the videos within the framework of this project, I deal only with the timbres of the piano. A constraint that I find interesting, to succeed in making 20 minutes of video without redundancies in speech. Another aspect that I really liked was the vision that TwinMuse had of the whole show. This mixture of cultures and forms of expression speaks to me a lot and I am very enthusiastic about the idea of making this short film in such a rich creative context.

Tell us about another project that you liked recently.
I saw Justin Shoulder’s play / performance at the Monument-National. A real feat in his ability to take us further than we thought possible on stage. A symbiosis between the sound environment and the scenography so powerful, so immense, but nevertheless achieved with so little. Very inspiring to see such a large deployment with such an economy of means.

Justin Shoulder. Photo: Alex Davies

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